Teaching and Learning in Carolina Classrooms, Series III


Teaching and Learning in Carolina Classrooms, Series III

Through programs and resources examining a variety of educational topics, this ETV LEARN course for 20 renewal credits builds on the content of the Teaching and Learning in Carolina Classrooms, Series I and Series II courses. As educators in the 21st century, we all know that teaching and learning today is much more than the traditional lecture-based classroom, face-to-face interaction. Teachers are the facilitators of learning and must be learners themselves.


South Carolina ETV’s educational series Carolina Classrooms allows us to learn from education leaders, administrators and teachers, and parents and community partners who work to make a difference each day in our South Carolina schools. In many episodes, we also hear from our students, too! As the “anchor” programs providing relevant content for this course, these interesting Carolina Classrooms programs give viewers insight on a variety of educational topics, including developing a positive school climate, STEAM, education equity, reading to learn, and exploring career education in South Carolina, especially for young women.

Also, other outstanding educators selected as finalists for our South Carolina Teacher of the Year share how they approach their job to make learning possible for all students and discuss what keeps them motivated as strong supporters of public education. In addition, other SCETV programs give our educators insight on related topics, including a comparison to a successful education system in another country and why our students need to study the world around them - the history, natural history, careers, and the arts – as well as explore the stories of our South Carolina, its people, places and things.

Through the course, participants learn how to access online resources to support teaching and learning, including free resources available in SCETV’s KnowItAll.org (KIA), which provides video resources and complete Pre-K-12 one-to-one project-based and traditional lesson plans, all vetted and editable. Participants will access South Carolina’s PBS LearningMedia, a free source for national content including valuable PBS programs and segments made possible through SCETV’s partnership with PBS. And, participants will explore a variety of video and online resources provided by SCETV that can help make real-world connections and engage our students in learning.

Educators of all subject areas and grade levels - regular classroom teachers, media specialists, guidance and career professionals, special area teachers, administration - will benefit from this PD course. (NOT required that participants complete Series I and II prior to Series III, but is recommended.)

Price: $75.00