A Literary Tour of SC, Series III


In A Literary Tour of SC, Series III, we meet thirteen more nationally recognized authors who call South Carolina home.  In the video series produced by ITV with ETV, ETV cameras travelled across the state to interview thirty-seven authors with connections to our state, learning about them, their passion for reading and writing, and their research and writing process.  Through these lessons we learn what these authors have to say about making characters come alive on the page, how they create plot for their stories and keep track of the action. Plus, they discuss how important research is to any story, both fiction and non-fiction.

In this third group of thirteen authors in Series III, we learn from a diverse set of writers with varied backgrounds, education and stories to share. And, in addition to reviewing the steps of the writing process, the course outlines seven techniques for effective writing. This professional development series is a master-teacher series where educators can learn first-hand about writing from some of the best writers and then share this information with students. (Recommended for teachers of all grade levels)

This course is approved by the SC Department of Education for teachers holding SC teaching licenses to earn 20 renewal credits.

Price: $75.00