RDLA 272-II: Vocabulary as a Foundation for Learning - April 24, 2023


Course Dates: April 24 - June 4, 2023

This course is Read to Succeed approved by the South Carolina Department of Education as a Content Area Reading & Writing course. It will count as such credit no matter what your certification is.

The course is primarily intended for K-3 educators, however the SDE has stated that any R2S CARW course will be accepted for credit for educators regardless of their certification area and the course target grade level/role.

* If you have any concerns re what R2S course(s) you need to take, please consult your district PD administrator or the SDE website at https://ed.sc.gov/educators/certification/r2s/.

In the RDLA272 - Vocabuary as a Foundation for Learning course, you will learn how word-learning shapes thinking, especially in our youngest learners, and that how we model, recognize and encourage use of sophisticated vocabulary has lasting effects on children’s cognition. You will learn the ins and outs of fostering good word consciousness among your students and see how it is truly a precursor to vocabulary growth. You will also explore book-sharing routines that promote steadfast word learning and have the opportunity to look critically at the books we read to and with children as resources for vocabulary exposure.


You will step into the classroom of master teacher, Alicia Poulin, and watch as she inspires curiosity in her students and makes essential instructional choices about teaching specific words using PBS KIDS digital learning resources. You will also look at ways to guide students toward independence as you teach them specific strategies for learning words on their own.


Finally, you will learn to assess student’s vocabulary growth in a way that will inform your instruction and keep your teaching practice rigorous yet sensitive to the needs of your learners. Through readings, interactive activities, journal reflections and discussion questions, you will have the chance to collaborate with others while consistently being given the opportunity to reflect on your own accumulation of knowledge.


Review the full syllabus.


Prior to enrollment, we strongly encourage you to review our R2S course policies for important information on course participation, credit, refunds, learning tips and more.

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