Take on the South with Dr. Walter Edgar, Grades 6-12


Take on the South with Dr. Walter Edgar is self-paced, one-hour (20 renewal credits) course consisting  of eight one-hour video lessons about the South, which were produced by SCETV in a debate format for USC’s Institute for Southern Studies and moderated by Dr. Walter Edgar, historian and author.  Each program restores the time-honored tradition of true debate, providing thought-provoking positions, which are relevant and substantive.  Two distinguished scholars each present positions on interesting topics about the South, which include “What Was the Most Influential 20th Century Southern Novel?,” “What is the Most Important Southern Sport, NASCAR or Football?,” “What is Real Southern Cooking?,” “ Would Slavery Have Survived the Civil War?” and “How Has the South Shaped American Music?”  After each debate, Dr. Edgar joins in the discussion.  These programs are recommended to support the National Social Studies Standards for High School and components are also suitable for viewing in middle grades.

This course is approved by the SC Department of Education for teachers holding SC teaching licenses to earn 20 renewal credits.

Price: $75.00