SC Chronicles Series VI: Reconstruction Era, Grades K-12


SC Chronicles VI: Reconstruction Era is the sixth edition in the SC Chronicles series. This self-paced, one hour (20 renewal credits) course showcases SCETV-produced video resources about South Carolina to assist educators in learning about our state’s history, geography, people, and culture. This sixth series looks at the period after the Civil War beginning in 1865 that was a time of major crisis for a battle-worn nation and also highlights the great changes in the economy and society that took place when the Reconstruction era ended, the period right up until almost the end of the 19th century. These lessons, including some with noted South Carolina historian Dr. Walter Edgar, examine this important period of our South Carolina history, showing how it relates to what came before and after.  We’ll also learn about the Great Charleston Earthquake of 1886, hear about the founding of schools for women and African Americans, and meet some important men and women born in our state during this era.

This course is approved by the SC Department of Education for teachers holding SC teaching licenses to earn 20 renewal credits.

Price: $75.00