SC Chronicles Series V: Art and Culture


This Series V course is designed for all teachers who want to learn more about the history of our state. Series V features a variety of information on the art, culture and history of South Carolina from the earliest settlement to the 21st century. The lessons will enhance knowledge of South Carolina artists who creatively preserve the culture of our state and allow you to virtually visit many interesting destinations, including the South Carolina State Museum, Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington Beach State Park. One of the beauties of our state’s history is that it is so easy to relate South Carolina history to United States history. The way we experience and understand our lives in the present is directly related to our understanding of the past. As South Carolinians—and Americans—we are connected to the present through our history.

This course is approved by the SC Department of Education for teachers holding SC teaching licenses to earn 20 renewal credits.

Price: $75.00