SC Chronicles Series IV: Civil War


This one-hour recertification course showcases eMedia and ETV produced resources about South Carolina to assist educators in learning about our state’s history. Noted South Carolina historian Dr. Walter Edgar discusses key issues in SC History. South Carolina and the Civil War are discussed in three lessons: 1) Secession from the Union, 2) Beginning of the Civil War, and 3) Civil War in South Carolina. Participants will learn about political events, personalities, military campaigns, participation of African Americans, and the upheaval of this period in SC. We will visit the SC State Museum as they focus on the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, featuring the museum’s exhibit and program plans marking the historic events that led to the firing on Fort Sumter. The course also includes The Story of Mary Boykin Chestnut and her writings, which became "A Diary from Dixie." We will also virtually visit sites around the Palmetto State and learn about their historic and special relevance to South Carolina today.

This course is approved by the SC Department of Education for teachers holding SC teaching licenses to earn 20 renewal credits.

Price: $75.00